About Coins rating

Coins rating is a reliable company that will help you to get as much information as possible about different crypto projects and tokens. Through a combination of data, news, analysis and our own experience, we can provide you with the best high-quality information that will be expert-verified.

All the information is accessible in different languages so that more people around the world can access it and better understand the value of each project, which is one of our goals - to make crypto world accessible and discoverable for everybody.

Every project on our platform is accessible for projects’ teams to access and edit on a regular basis, so that you can get the most up to date information about projects that you are interested in.

Coins rating FAQ

Why was Coins Rating created?

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How does Ranking metric is calculated?

How does Liquidity Score is calculated?

What do the Liquidity Scores represent?

Why should I care about liquidity as a crypto investor/trader?

Why is some exchange or market pair scored so high?

How should I interpret the liquidity scores?

With Liquidity Scores, should I still care about the Volume metric listed on the site?

How often Coins Rating projects are refreshed?

What is “Effective Liquidity” for Exchanges?

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With Liquidity Scores, should I still care about the Volume metric of exchanges?

How does Web Traffic Factor is calculated for Exchanges?